In addition to the analog audio mixing desks, a whole range of pro audio equipment are manufactured by adt-audio in Germany. This site contains detailed information on the available components of the 5MT mixing desks. More pages will be added to this site in the near future. If you are missing something, or if you have a question, please ask HERE.



Mixing desks for music production systems by adt-audio cover the entire range of applications based on traditional high quality analog audio design. All versions offer best sonic quality and high reliability at reasonable prices. The 5MT System offers many versions for every application. For music recording and mixing in particular, several different basic series are available.

5MT - the multipurpose Audio Console - is based on a range of compatible elements. All the 5 versions of the system use these elements. Almost every combination of modules, master sections and other components is possible.

Series S the universal version for any application

Series C the compact version of the system with the same benefits

Series D powerful automated mixing desks, primarily for music production

Series MR the automated recall system for music production and mixing

Series Broadcast audio-consoles for live broadcasting with up to 96 channels

Besides the 5MT Series there are several additional systems available:

Series MAGNUM-V3 - the really big mixing desks for music production

Series BC3audio consoles for small to medium size radio and tv broadcasting

Series TOOLCON - new live console system

Series SRC51 - surround mixing console for DAW Studios